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 SUMMIT JR CLUB with their Earth Editions of Spaza Space.

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THE CHIEFIANS CLUB with their Earth Editions of Spaza Space.


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Welcome to the Science Spaza Family!

Shoutout to the new additions to our Science Spaza family! Welcome guys. Join us to share in the fun and experience.

Introducing our new members: 

  • Maserole Science Club from Maserole Secondary School - Limpopo
  • Gqira Science Spaza from Gqira Junior School - Eastern Cape
  • Kingdom Academy Science Club from Kingdom Academy Primary School - Free State
  • BOOM SciKids from a homeschool - Western Cape
  • Explorers from Mzomhle Senior Secondary School - Eastern Cape
  • Mnyanda Primary Science Club from Mnyanda Primary School - KwaZulu-Natal
  • ETHS Science Club from Edendale Technical High School - KwaZulu-Natal
  • Dalindyebo Science Spaza from Dalindyebo High School - Eastern Cape
  • The Taxonomist from Mpandeli Secondary School - Limpopo
  • NHS Science Club from Northriding High School - Gauteng
  • Newton's Narnians from Hawkhill home school - Limpopo
  • BKMS Scientist from Bokamoso - Limpopo
  • Isibani Academy Science Club from Isibani Academy - KwaZulu-Natal
  • Mgandeni Science Club from Mgandeni High School - KwaZulu-Natal
  • Kutama Keen Seekers of Knowledge from Kutama High School - Limpopo
  • Young Discoverers from Sidlamafa Secondary School - Mpumalanga
  • Sci- Math from Alexandria Christian Academy Combined School - Eastern Cape
  • Scinfo from Central University of Technology - Free State
  • Esikhawini Science Club from Giving Hope Youth Organisation - Free State
  • Ramotshere Science Rocks from Ramotshere Secondary School - North West 
  • Thina which is a private club - Gauteng
  • Mpontshini Club from Mpontshini Full Service Primary School - KwaZulu-Natal
  • Axium from Axium Education - Eastern Cape
  • The Next Generation from Nomzamo Secondary School - Eastern Cape
  • Philomathes Campaign from Tembisa Secondary School - Gauteng
  • Rock-et Science from Borakanelo Secondary School - North West
  • Boshoek Primary Science Club from Boshoek Primary School - Gauteng

If you sign-up please note you need to send us back the registration form with the physical address, this enables us to reach you guys much more efficiently and send you our incredible materials.

Welcome to the family guys remember Knowledge Is Ncah!



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Northriding High School's National Science Week 2018 participation!

Well done to our NRHS Science Club! Their participation in National Science Week 2018 was outstanding. The club hosted a "fun fair" for the duration of National Science Week and some of their activities included poem reading, science experiments, speeches from guest speakers and a talk about recycling. WOW! Here are a few words from one of the students:

"My name is Philothea Fundisi a grade 10 pupil at NRHS. On the 31st of July 2018 we as NRHS science club split up into committees and hosted a power-packed National Science Week Fest. Can I just say WOW it was AMAzing. From the colourful decor, delectable finger foods, mesmerizing experiments, a fun science quiz, to our two MCs who were so eloquent in speech,and our spot on NSW tees as gear and a media crew to capture all the beautiful moments. A poem by Amanda Phakati and speech by yours truly soothed the hearts of the floor at large. The presence of our guest speaker Doctor Oosthuizen graced our event together with a lecture. We really understand science from a much more fun perspective. Kudos to NRHS science club for hosting a Grand Fest.


NHS NSW 4.jpg

NHS NSW 3.jpg

NHS NSW 5.jpg


Magkato Science Club

Congratulations to our winners for the best news from clubs for Spaza Space Edition 2, The Makgato Science Club from Limpopo!!! If you also want to win awesome prizes write to us or WhatsApp us for your news and experiences. Knowledge is Ncah!



Welcome to the Science Spaza Family!

Shout out to the new additions to the family! Welcome guys. Join us, share in the fun and experience.

Introducing our new members:

  • Lukhanyo Science Club from Lukhanyo Primary - Western Cape
  • Wild Science Club from Home School - Gauteng
  • Lorraine Science Club from Lehwelereng Secondary School - Gauteng
  • Mcebo Science Club  from Manzamhlophe High School - KwaZulu Natal
  • The Young Smart Scientist from Zwelibanzi High School-  KwaZulu Natal
  • Capricon Science Club from Capricon High School - Limpopo
  • Sky is the Limit Science Club from Marude High School - Limpopo
  • Mpelegeng Matlala Science Club from Mpelegeng Matlala Primary - Limpopo
  • Chemistry from Raluombe Secondary - Limpopo
  • Big 5 from Nyaniso  from Nyaniso J Primary - Eastern Cape
  • Fana Science Club from Kananelo Senior Secondary School - Freestate

If you sign-up please note you need to send us back the registration form with the physical address, this enables us to reach you guys much more efficiently and send you our incredible materials.

Welcome to the family guys remember Knowledge Is Ncah!



Check-out these cool activities from Zibukezulu Science Club!

Find your activity worksheets here Resources! They will definitely Rock Your World!!!



Zibukezulu Science Rock Activity 5.jpg


Zibukezulu Science Rock Activity 1.jpg       Zibukezulu Science Rock Activity 3.jpg

Rock Art

Zibukezulu Science Rock Activity 4.jpg   Zibukezulu Science Rock Activity 2.jpg



The Elephant Toothpaste Experiment.

Check out this cool experiment by The Yael Science Club. They made foam using sunlight liquid, toothpaste and Yeast cells. How cool!!!! 

Yael Science Club 1.jpg     Yael Science Club 2.jpg    


Inverstors Science Club

Hi we are Investors from KwaMagwaza Primary School. We are planting vegetables to sell. When we get the money we will buy toothbrushes and toothpastes to give those learners who are less fortunate.

 Inverstors Science Club 1.jpg   Inverstors Science Club.jpg 

 Inverstors Science Club 3.jpg

 From : Thobekile Mnguni.



Good day. My name is Kristy-lee Engelbrecht and I am chairperson of the NHS Science Club. We have started on the activities from the newspapers and I wish to thank you for sending it to us. Students are coping well.

- Kristy-lee Engelbrecht


 Hi. My name is Bradely Jagesar. I am a 15 years old boy from Northriding Secondary School. This is my first activity with my friends and I am enjoying it. Thank you Science Spaza!

“These activities are really enjoyable and fun”

ScienceSpaza_2017_NorthridingSecondarySchool (2).jpg 

 Hi. I am Crystal Higino I am a 15 years old girl at NHS. We were preparing to watch the eclipse on Sunday 26th of February at 5:15 till dawn.  Here we received the sunglasses. We had a chance to use a telescope to see Venus last week. Enjoying Science Clubs to bits.

“It is really amazing I am glad to have this opportunity and knowledge to be able to do this and share this experience with other people”.


-NHS Science Club


Kamogelo Molefe’s solution on colour by numbers

“It is very interesting and thought provoking. Learners are suddenly having a lot to say relating to science”

Facebook tag: Johannah Makganya

-Bokamos Scientist

 ScienceSpaza_2017_Kamogelo Molefe.jpg


Featured in this week's Estcourt and Midlands News was our very own Ozone Club, for the wonderful work they are doing in raising awareness and educating fellow pupils about water and health related diseases. Their research is an initiative of the Science Spaza - Hip Hop Health project funded by the Wellcome Trust.  

Science Spaza - Club News  2016 - Ozone Club Newspaper article.jpgEstcourt and Midlands News
16 November 2016


The Good Shepherd Model Science Club held their annual science week with the theme "The Role of Science and Technology in an ever-changing world ". Parents, government officials and students from Sekukune District in Limpopo Province came to see these young scientists at work. There were approximately one hundred and fifty science models which were presented by science club members consisting of learners from grade 4- 12.

The school would like to extend its gratitude to everyone who made the science week a success.

Club coordinator

Mr John Antony.

SAM_2458.jpeg SAM_2380.jpeg

SAM_2467-1.jpeg SAM_2461.jpeg


Research on whether there is any E.coli Bacteria in our local water-in Rensburg (Esigodlweni) By Ozone Club-Riverdale Primary School in Escourt 30 August 2016.

"We had a good experience when we were out for a field trip doing our project. All learners participated honestly. Leaners voted for who will fill water in the containers, because they all wanted to fill it. It was really a hands-on project.

When we did this field trip activity, we all learnt to appreciate and respect nature because when we went out of the school to the river, we saw nice flat rocks and a steep valley. Before we could even talk about water, the learners realised that the stream was dirty and needed to be cleaned up. It was our first time to be engaged in such a project. We were so enthusiastic in a way that we wish we could have more projects.

When we reached the river and stream, we firstly washed our hands with soap and water as well as the outside of the containers. We then poured river water into the containers. We placed written stickers on top of the lids for identification purposes. Finally, we took some pictures as a proof of every step we undergone. This was really an exciting project!

When we got to school we filled tap and tank water into different containers still checking for E.coli bacteria"

Ozone4 - ScienceSpaza2016.jpeg

    Ozone2- ScienceSpaza2016.jpeg   

 Ozone6 - ScienceSpaza2016.jpeg

-Mrs DBH Gamede