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Hey Everyone!

Here is the link to one of the interviews we had with iFani, Lex Lafoy, Dr Sandile Ngcobo & Sphesihle Makhathini on what they think about combining Hip Hop and Science.

With the music by ‪#‎Concex‬ - Bending of light.

Let us know what you think :) ‪

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Listen to the interviews here

Listen to the full track here



Bending of light


Bending of light

street light, projectors and headlights

bending of lights

when a light enters a medium

bending of light

refraction, convex and concave

bending of light

there are used in television projectors to make light x2


A lens is a transparent

piece of glass or plastic

with at least one curved surface

that is the reason object seen

through a lens seem bigger

than they really are

bending of light

science spaza our knowledge is ncah




I bend the light at my own will

I make it speed at my own wheels

that’s the thing

you cant feel what I feel

cant you feel light is real

without it there’s no meal

you like light

that travels from a substance

with a low refractive index

to a substance with a higher index

so do you the context




like a concave lens

converging small light to make

it brighter and wider, funny

that’s what I'm doing

converging peoples knowledge about

refraction through rhyming rap,

lets come together and converge

our minds to a spot that’s

beyond imagination, so we can find

a clearer path to a future future

yeah! Like street lights, projectors

 and headlights, we wanna make

our future bright.