Ionic Bonds


Hey hey! The runners up of for the Hip Hop Science Spaza competition 2014, Ionic Bonds, recorded their song (Nature of Light) in celebration on The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies!…/hip-hop-science-spaza-nature 

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Ionic Bonds - Nature of Light

Making light wit nature of light
Ionic bonds came with something bright

Verse 1
We bring light...
By light rays speeding light intensity.
Intensity is the absolute measure of a light wave's power density.
Light rays travels far with no security.
When light is a necessity.
If u got what I'm saying so Am I too.
They say light can travel through a vacuum.
Sometimes travel on land just like you.
Look left look right. Light is bright.
If your future is luminous so it glowing in the dark.
We provide u with light.
Shine bright, light.
Like a dress of a bride.
Wave your hands side to side with no pride. Am Out!


Verse 2
okay listen up...look up
what u see...u see the light
chasing darkness with what?
nature of light x3
let get get back to da flow.
light will never travel slow
light of course is more than colour it is energy.
Darkness is Mr lights enemy


Verse 3
Light is a transverse.
which travels at improbable speed throughout the universe.
Transverse nature of light can be demonstrated through polarization.
I guess that is why it the hope of all nations.
Refraction is the bending of a wave.
When you look at it, it like it misbehave while it behave and brave like food on a microwave.
It can pass from less dense to more dense medium.
It doesn't have size large,small or medium.
It doesn't experience time like I.
It was both created and destroyed in the same blink of an eye.
It doesn't get to look back on its life and has nothing to look forward to about life.
Light is laced with darkness.
Without light we are life-less.