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Light Reflection - Reflectors


Sometimes I stare at myself in the mirror and see my reflection the affection of the nation lack to accept their complexion

Verse 1
Yeah, this is for my reflectors team lets hear a reflecting sound cause i'm in a reflective mood you gonna see a reflected light in a reflective mirror because we are in a reflective earth you gonna see an inverted image literally left and right cause were in a reflected earth so lets live a reflection of life well this is for my reflectors [team x3]


verse 2
reflection of light by the sun in moving water switch positions like we doing yoga. Some human beings will burn just like reflection of strong light rays burn the paper dark marks all over me you see me, because of the light reflected straight to my face by the sun my only complexion competition is my reflection to my direction


verse 3
okay so id like to tell a story about my friend reflection the mirror hated him, so they lacked connection I had the affection how the hell is reflection gon' reflect, without any mirror effect in fact. That brought some heating on had the idea how to make the water boil without any electric appliance on all I need is source of light the subb mirror, mirror to reflect the sun juice bottle over there im reflecting sun too much light reflected can bring heating saw


verse 4
lend me your ears while I briefly give you a bit of explanation about my understanding when it comes to reflection id wake up every morning and stand in front of the mirror id see a big boy looking exactly like me I stare at him, he stares at me too I smile he smiles too on the chest man we got the same tattoo and on the head man we got the same scratch too I point at him, he points at me and tells thats you you aint gon' touch us we're the reflectors crew you pull a stunt on us, we reflect it back at you. Like the light rays, when they meet us they change direction into a less stress motion, all about reflection and I know with the light I can make my furture bright I can be a superstar that’s what’s in your medulla right?