These exciting developments in technology have drawbacks. One is that many jobs currently done by people may soon be done by machines – increasing unemployment. The ability to work in the future begins with where you are right now - at school! The key to employment in the future is lifelong learning. Here are some of the skills that will be in demand for the future:


  •  The ability to solve complicated problems
  •  Critical thinking people skills and people management
  •  Coordinating and multitasking
  •  The ability to make quick judgments and good decisions
  •  Emotional intelligence
  •  Having a sense of service
  •  Being able to negotiate and to think quickly out of the box and across multiple disciplines and fields.

It is clear that computers will be used more and more, so continue to develop your maths and science skills and take any opportunity you can to learn about how computers work so that you can be part of solving the complex problems of the future. 

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