Atomic Scientists



 Wassup science lovers! As we draw close to the end of National Science Week - brought to you by The Department of Science and Technology - it is not the end of exploring science!

Enter our Hip Hop Science Spaza competition now by sending us YOUR science song that you have recorded with your club, it could be on any of the topics covered in our resources.

Go to to find out more information and who knows you could be our winner!

Speaking of winners, this is the winner of our competition last year – the Atomic Scientists with Visible Light

We also had a chat to Ntsika - The soil, about his experience of science and you can listen right now to what he had to say

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Visible light
Visi-visible light×2
Electromagnetic waves interpreted as colours
Visible light
Visi-visible light
(Chorus ×2)
The speed of light is equal to its frequency times wavelength
The frequency is inversely proportional to wavelength
And that is exactly why light has constant velocity
300 million meters per second
In a vacuum
Take a look at the light spectrum
Which shows only a small fraction of the light that we get from sunlight
All its rainbow colours are absorbed to make the colour black
And they are all reflected in order to make the colour white
Chorus ×2