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Galaxy Seekers

Here is the link to one of the interviews we had with iFani, Lex Lafoy on how kids can get interested in science. Also with Dr Sandile Ngcobo & Sphesihle Makhathini on why the youth should pursue science. With the music by ‪Galaxy Seekers. 

Here is a link to the full track Electromagnectic Spectrum by Galaxy Seekers.

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Electromagnectic spectrum – Galaxy Seekers

Out of space, Out of light,
only S.K.A telescopes will make u see right
(see right)
Out of grace of the Night, Radio astronomy will make you see bright
(makes you see bright) [x2]

Verse 1
Radio astronomy
Born in the 1930's
Karl Jansky had been able to discover the first two radio waves from the outer space, from the outer space,
From all those astronomic objects.

Am counting planets and stars
Cosmic gases and mars
And since all they got energy
And Emmiting radio waves
with the low frequency

Then they travel through space
Reaching grounds of Northern Cape
Striking telescopes built away from the cities
To avoid many signal interferences
Which is
Why we all communicate
Its all because of radio waves
So for them to get a clear picture
They need to be away for a 100 killometers

Stunning little pictures displayed by them computers
Converted from radio waves
From the outer space
In a colour coded way
That they're show us the Milky Way
And the burst of Gamma rays

So shout out to Radio telescopes
(SKA Telescopes)
I never knew about the universe and the galaxies
I guess now when those stars align
We all can see
And now I’ve developed a new dream Astronomy

chorus [x2]

Verse 2
Radio Astronomy
we see things in the galaxy
how stars are born and how they die is no catastrophy
far beyond the cloud,the skies, galaxy
far beyond the eye YEAH the eye can't see
Its not a world not a world of fantasy
Its just a world, a world made for you and me
a world made for you and me
Its just a world, a world made for you and me]


verse 3
Hold up who said i left the mic at the first place
i really know what happened in the real space
and i will never stop until every magazine got my face  
but for now just google me in yahoo or my Space]

( Although waves have its way to travel through space
i make sure astronauts that they sing grace)

[In this world we live in economy seems to change  when it come to radio astronomy
maybe my gastronomy lesson has ended for nothing less or nothing more but more radio astronomy more frequency less emergency for me to see beyond space and radio astronomy will make you out of hate]

( And if the sky is the limit better pray for the night

because with SKA i will always reach for the stars)

because with SKA i will always reach for the stars"