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Enter the Hip Hop Science Spaza competition and stand a chance of having your track recorded !

The winning song will be professionally recorded and distributed to all registered Science Spazas.

Not only will you be learning science, you’ll also be teaching it to other science learners across South Africa.

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The Hip Hop Science Spaza competition encourages learners in registered science clubs to create original rap, hip-hop or other genre songs in order to convey a scientific principle or concept. Through so doing we believe that learners will themselves learn, and teach others.

Competition guidelines

  • Choose a science topic from a Science Spaza resource.
  • Pick up to 4 facts, write a song and perform it. You can download all the Science Spaza resources for free at
  • No swearing will be tolerated and songs must be respectful of all people.
  • Submissions can be sent via WhatsApp to 076 1737 130 or emailed to
  • The best of the 2015 competition will, at the discretion of the organisers, be professionally recorded and distributed to all registered Science Spazas.
  • The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or any other prize.
    The closing date has been extended to the 30 November 2015.

Science Spaza is an initiative of Jive Media Africa. This competition will be managed according to Jive Media Africa’s general terms and conditions, which are subject to change and should be read in conjunction with Jive Media Africa’s privacy policy. These links will open in a new browser window.


Top TIPS: How to write a good rap song!

Keep it simple!

It must have rhythm, it must have a beat, it must rhyme!

Take 4 facts from ONE of your Science Spaza resources and work a rhyme around those four facts. Get your teacher to check that your science facts are correct.

Some tips from our American friends – Google: Science Genius

Content – Generally, what the artist(s) are saying in the song. Different minds like different kinds of content in songs. However, most good songs don’t have swearing.

Lyrics – The actual words used to convey what is trying to be said in the song. Lyrics play the biggest role in determining if a song is good or not. Clever wordplay and a nice rhyme scheme can make a song way better. In hip hop/rap, just about every good song is poetic in some way.

Emotion – Emotion also plays a big part in how good a song is. People can feel the emotion in songs like it is part of the beat. Expressing emotion, whether it be anger, sadness, happiness, etc., can always make a song better. It is also how people make personal connections to songs.

Beat – Not much needs to be said about this. Having a great beat can make a song with not-so-good lyrics worth listening to.

There are many more qualities that make a song good, but these are the main ones