About Science Spaza

Science Spaza brings exciting, interactive and fun curriculum-linked learning opportunities to a growing network of science clubs in schools across South Africa.

Science Spaza aims to improve science literacy and reveal to young people the power of science and technology in transforming their world.

In the past year Science Spaza has partnered with over 120 science clubs.


Science Spaza addresses the lack of resources and activity-based learning opportunities, which have resulted in poor understanding of key science and maths concepts.

Science Spaza is an initiative of Jive Media Africa, an award-winning multimedia company.


 Starting your own Science Spaza

Think of a place where people get together to have fun, learn from each other and pick up a few essentials. That's right! Your local spaza shop! Only this time you'll be picking up science essentials!

Science Spaza is a science club supported with fun activities as well as tips and tools to make your science time really worthwhile. It's a space where learners can engage with science in a fun and interactive manner and where educators can get new ideas for practical science teaching.

What will you need?

  • A group of friends who are excited about science
  • A parent or teacher to assist
  • A time and a place to meet
  • Some curiosity and an interest in finding out more about the world!


While all efforts are taken to ensure that all activities are safe, Jive Media Africa accepts no liability for any loss or injury sustained during any science club activities and strongly recommends the involvement of a responsible adult in the club activities.