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Sponsor Science Spaza resources or a Science Spaza event and grow young minds while you grow your brand!

Science Spaza creates partnerships to transform science and maths education. You can sponsor activity sheets linked to your science focus area, reach club members through our official newsletter Spaza Space, sponsor competitions – or even host Science Spaza events.


You'll be getting:

  • Your logo on the activity sheets (both printed and digital) - see our resources page
  • Your logo on our website
  • Your promotional items sent out with our resources
  • Copies of the resources for your own outreach activities
  • Reports on the number of learners reached

    For more information on our reach and rates contact

Contact us for more information:


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Tertiary Opportunities

AgentZee1.jpgScience Spaza supports and encourages learners to go to universities and learn more about science. There are various degrees you can apply for in universities around the country where you can further your knowledge on the stuff you learned from your science club.

If you are applying to any university and you need a bursary visit Agent Zee where you will find links to bursaries to help you get started.