Light Dwellers



Hey Guys! We sat down with scientist Dr Sandile Ngcobo and Sphesihle Makhathini and also Hip Hop artists iFani and Lex Lafoy and asked them on their involvement in science and what impact it has had on them follow this link to hear what they had to say.

If you are interested in the music it's Light Dwellers with Light dispersion recorded live by Science Spaza for National Science Week listen to Full track here

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Light Dispersion

can't you see that science makes us live
can't you see that science makes us see
The light is shining, we're shining like a rainbow
In the rainfall and bouncing like a ball

Verse 1
dispersion of light
oh god is that a question
does it need a definition
here comes the light (x3)
dispersion of light
yeah! I love it
It's raining
It's pouring
I feel like exploring
I just wrote a song
Like Culoe de song
singing with my mind
haters are behind
I'm one of a kind
loyal to the game
call me by my name
from North pole to South pole
from South pole to North pole


Verse 2
who are, Who are, Who are we?
Light dwellers can't you see
science makes us see
makes us breathe
makes us speak.
I'm still feeling the rainfall
bouncing of my skin
how long do I have to wait for
the sun to shine again
come on paint me the rainbows
I can follow it
I don't know where it'll take me
But I like wondering
Once upon a time I was out of the Hillbrow
Then I look up I see the colours of the rainbow
The bright light, the shining light, that shines like strongbow
Scientific effect, the raindrops from the rainbow
never bounce I'm gonna kick you with my elbow (x2)
The dispersion of light this is what we deal with
My true light dwellers make it clear, make it big
This is factual this is containing the fact.
Mandela said we are the one like rainbow nation
I'm flowing like a diode, in one direction
Never lost, just dwelling, just pay attention.
Quantum, chemistry, electron configuration
This reflection forms the good combination.
Let me hold the mic to deliver good information
Never disappear rainbow, pay attention


Verse 3
The rain didn’t stop the game
I'm showing true, which are not the same
ROYGBIV I hope you got that name
The colours of the rainbow I hope you got that name
I call me rainbow, you can look once
doesn't matter twice
It even better nice
The light is shining bright
I guess the future is bright
Right, we're the light dwellers (x2)