Aurora Blues

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Here is a link to one of the interviews we had with Dr Sandile Ngcobo CSIR & Sphesihle Makhathini SKA on what makes their science so important and iFani & Lex Lafoy on what makes Hip Hop music such a powerful medium!!…/light-reflection-by-aurora

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Light reflection by the Aurora Blues

The sky appears blue its got a shorter wavelength
we're the aurora blues
well know earth's content to show it bluish veil
we're the aurora blues [x2]

Verse 1
The shorter the wavelength the more they scatter
the longer the wavelength, the less they scatter
The colours of mix, it's the mix that matter
creating sound waves to make glass shatter
I'm the illiest from time to time
I'm taking it high cause cause the sky is mine
I'll be watching molecules just flying by
Just flying by


Verse 2
It seems windy
I should fly my kite
Matter of fact
The time is right
Acting like a cop
I'll be fighting crime
I'm a blue light
I'm in the sky
Pockets are full I took what's mine
Turning the sky blue it's my time to shine
At a boxing ring
I'll be ready to fight
Wearing black glasses like I lost my sight
Taking it high but I’m scared of height
I could run a mile with my this tight
I'm a moon. I reflect light
So that at night I could shine bright.


Verse 3
Let me not, the knowledge of true minds if you kind
you should find, the sky above is true blind.
I ain't no rocket scientist if you insist.
I'll break the bonds with my iron fist and scatter twist.
I've seen in articles, molecules in particles, tiny water droplets
scatter photons and neutrons.
It's amazing hot the sunsets upsetting those that can't get,
the light in their optics.
What an enlightening subject