The safety and security of human life has always been linked to the environment. The Earth provides us with natural resources that humans have used to grow industries and economies. But this growth has put our Earth under a lot of stress! New technologies have the potential to create systems to improve the management of the Earth and her resources. Here are a few ways that the Fourth Industrial Revolution can help our environment:


  • Buildings will become “smart” and environmentally friendly, by reducing water usage as well as decreasing the use of electricity for lighting, heating and cooling.
  • Transport and traffic systems will become more organised, resulting in less carbon emissions and cars that are more environmentally friendly.
  • Technology will allow us to monitor the emission of greenhouse gases more efficiently, making sure that we know and learn ways to reduce these emissions.
  • Bioengineering will allow crops to grow in larger quantities and at a faster rate, while using less land.
  • Biotechnology will help us develop better ways to manage pests and weeds.

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