National Science Week 2017


National Science Week 2017! and the theme is: ADVANCING SCIENCE TOURISM!

Science Spaza partnered up with Hectic Nine-9 to explore all things geological, archaeological and paleontological at the Kamberg Rock Art centre in the Drankensberg! 


Science Spaza's Science Rocks! for National Science Week was on Hectic Nine-9 on Monday 7th and Friday 11th August 2017!!

Science Rocks!


Check out these cool songs about geology with interviews from Dr Thakane Ntholi by Underworld and Rock Stars

Here is music about rock art from Rock Boy n Girls, accompanied by interviews with Dr Ndukuyakhe Ndlovu.

Take a listen to Chapter Six and Fossil Fanatics with Dr Nonny Vilakazi, as they tell us more about palaeontology.


ScienceSpaza_NSW2017_SpazaSpace_cover_thumbnail.jpgFind interesting articles about Rock Art, Geology, Palaeontology and all the fun, cool things we got up to for this year's National Science Week 2017!  

Science Rocks!

Traces of the Past 

How the Earth Survived a Meteorite

Zibukezulu Rocking to Science

Set in Stone

Awesome Science in the Drakensberg

The Incredible Three


These articles are also available in the National Science Week Edition of Spaza Space - Science Rocks! 

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